Would you like to work with us?

At Allygroup, we pride ourselves on being the kind of place people like to work because we are not only a friendly team but offer opportunities for:

  • Lawyers

  • Paralegals

  • Legal project managers

  • Legal management consultants

Are you a lawyer looking for interesting work, as well as flexibility? 

We are looking for talented lawyers at all levels who are interested in enjoying flexible work options:

  • Are you a lawyer who has taken a break and would like to return to work?

  • Would you like to experience more variety in the work you do?

  • Are you looking for more flexible working options?

As one of our secondee lawyers, you will not only experience a wide variety of work but will be able to select the type of work that suits you. Through us, you can work on a long-term, part-time, temporary or flexible contract.

Are you a paralegal looking to gain experience?

At Allygroup, we like to nurture talent and help young lawyers obtain the right kind of experience:

  • Are you a recent graduate?

  • Are you keen to gain the kind of experience that has the potential to fast track your career?

Working as a paralegal can help you obtain the experience you need to secure a graduate role, as well as demonstrating your skills and abilities.

We are currently looking for paralegals who are keen to gain experience working in businesses, government agencies or law firms on part-time, temporary or flexible contracts.

Are you interested in a career as a legal project manager?

Not everyone wants to be a lawyer.

With clients becoming more discerning and no longer willing to watch their legal spend spiral out of control, legal project management is a rapidly growing field. It involves using not just your organisational abilities, but also your analytical and strategic skills.

If you are a lawyer with experience of working in litigation or on major transactions and are interested in legal project management, we would like to talk to you about how you can train with us for a career in this exciting area.

Are you interested in a career as a legal management consultant? 

If you are interested in the law and how law firms work, but don’t wish to practise law, legal management consulting could be the perfect option for you.

As a legal management consultant, you can help clients optimise value from their legal spend by helping them to:

  • Undertake detailed legal spend analysis

  • Implement informed purchaser/provider management

  • Establish and manage legal panels

  • Manage law firm performance.

We are always on the look-out for experienced lawyers who are interested in making the switch into legal management consulting.


If you would like to find out more about career options with Allygroup, please email us on recruitment@allygroup.com.au. Tell us what kind of role you are interested in and why you would like to work with Allygroup, and attach a copy of your CV. We look forward to hearing from you.