We are a multi-disciplinary law firm team of lawyers, consultants, and professional support staff with significant government, commercial and contract recruitment experience.

We have worked in and with a wide range of federal and state government agencies in the administrative, litigation, commercial legal and legal policy spheres. We use that unique experience to provide tailored services to our clients. We know the scope of your work and we understand what it takes to achieve success.

We are our clients’ allies in business and we work with you to provide human resourcing solutions to help you to achieve your outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

Our secondees are part of our team, and we invest in their professional development and well-being to create genuine, long-lasting relationships.

+ Do you need a lawyer or paralegal?

We can help you to find the right lawyer or paralegal for your needs right now. You may require:

  • A senior lawyer with experience in a particular area
  • A lawyer who is an expert on legal project management
  • A team of skilled paralegals
  • Help increasing your legal team’s technical capability and capacity quickly and cost-efficiently
  • A lawyer or paralegal with the requisite skills to come in on secondment
  • A lawyer or paralegal on a temporary contract
  • A lawyer or paralegal on a flexible contract

Whatever your requirements, we can help.

We have access to a diverse pool of legal professionals, ranging from very senior specialists to experienced paralegals. Each lawyer and paralegal has been screened by us, so you can feel confident that anyone we recommend will meet your requirements.

+ How does it work?

At Allygroup, we care about people. We look for talent and, once we’ve found it, we nurture it and encourage it to reach its full potential.

Law firms around the country are haemorrhaging talented lawyers simply because they are failing to provide a friendly, flexible workplace culture. In addition, with the rapid growth in the number of law schools in Australia, we are seeing a large influx of talent into the market, yet much of this talent remains untapped. In the near future many of these lawyers and paralegals will be choosing to work on short-term, flexible contracts.

As a team of lawyers who understand what qualities make a terrific lawyer, we are at the forefront of making these high-quality legal professionals at all levels, with differing specialisations, experience and skills, available to your business, government agency or law firm.

Our lawyers and paralegals are carefully screened. We don’t subscribe to the ‘quickly plug the gaps’ philosophy. Instead, we provide a bespoke service where we listen to your assessment of your staffing needs and provide you with the person or people best qualified to meet them.

In short, we can help you to access the resources you need without incurring the risk and expense associated with employing new staff. If your need is urgent, we will move quickly to find the most suitable lawyer or paralegal. Most importantly, we provide this service at very competitive rate.

+ Where can we help?

Short- or long-term gaps

Do you have key lawyers who are away on extended leave or secondment? Do you need a replacement until they return? It is always a challenge to fill gaps in a team with capable people. Our lawyers can quickly step into a role and ensure that you maintain your normal high levels of productivity and service.

Client secondments

Are you a business or organisation with an in-house legal team? Do you have key lawyers who are away on extended leave or secondment? Do you need a replacement until they return?

Are you a law firm? Do your clients expect you to provide them with secondee lawyers, whether or not you can afford to spare someone from your team?

By providing a suitably experienced, reliable lawyer for you to second to your client, we can ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice the balance and capability of your own team.

Major projects

Do you have a project coming up and need lawyers with the requisite expertise? Do you need lawyers or paralegals who can assist with large-scale document production for litigation or an order to produce?

We can provide you with a specialist or a support team at short notice and at a reasonable price. Even better, our lawyers and paralegals will be on hand to assist you for exactly as long as you need them.

Legal project management

Outstanding lawyers are usually superb strategists and legal technicians, but may be less adept at managing projects and legal teams effectively. We can provide you with experienced legal project managers who have been trained in legal project management (LPM) and are also highly experienced experts in their field.

Our legal project managers know how to:

  • Achieve better communication between your team and your external legal service providers
  • Ensure that matters are properly scoped and resourced
  • Set realistic budgets
  • Monitor projects and keep stakeholders informed
  • Run large support teams effectively and efficiently
  • Train your team in legal project management and motivate them to achieve results that will satisfy – or even surpass – your clients’ expectations
  • Help capture the knowledge learned from the project.

To find out more about how we can help you find the right lawyers or paralegals, please call us on +61 2 5104 3170, or email info@allygroup.com.au.

Allygroup supplied 100 contractors in 100 days
Our project was completed on time, under budget and with no stress.
Allygroup made me look good
The contractors from Allygroup are highly skilled, efficient and knowledgeable.

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