Naomi Abbott (Conscious Presence) – The Neuroscience of Trust and Conversational Intelligence®

Allygroup’s second Musings with Allygroup seminar was held on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 with guest speaker Naomi Abbott. Naomi held an intensive workshop with Allygroup staff during the day and presented a seminar to a wider audience in the evening.

Both presentations introduced the science behind the ways in which the brain and gut act and react during conversation and confrontation to create neural networks of trust and distrust. Strong trust networks allow the brain to make complex, strategic decisions, and enriches both team work culture and business strategy. The dominance of distrust networks, however, risks cutting off the brain’s ability to make empathetic and productive choices and can ultimately lead to less effective teamwork and business behaviours. This is the critical point at which subconscious battle lines are drawn and where road maps for ongoing behaviour are embedded. Conversational Intelligence®, or C-IQ, seeks to change perspectives, identify and implement more productive behaviours, and recognise initiatives and actions that may better serve an individual or a team.

Naomi went on to demonstrate the concept of C-IQ and its attendant frameworks and principles with visual guides and mental exercises as they could relate to a variety of people, communication styles, and contexts. The Musings audience learned about the Conversational Dashboard™, the Ladder of Conclusions, the Conversational Intelligence® Matrix with distinct Levels of conversation, the Conversational Intelligence® Trust Model, and the Conversational C-IQ Essentials. By increasing our familiarity with the neuroscientific basics and greater purpose of the C-IQ system, Naomi guided the audience into seeing many new opportunities and techniques to help navigate complex situations, foster trust, and increase the effectiveness of conversations at work.

Naomi Abbott is a coach and facilitator who assists individuals and teams to enhance their communication impact and activate trust at work. Naomi has a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology and Economics) and Diplomas in Counselling and Transformational Coaching. Through her business Conscious Presence, she is transforming the way people lead, collaborate, navigate change and embrace innovation.

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