ACLA: Legal Project Management for in-house counsel workshop

Allygroup, 05 November 2014

Allygroup had the pleasure of delivering ACLA’s half-day program introducing participants to the concepts of our Legal Project Management and our informed purchasing framework for in-house counsel. The program sought to provide practical guidance on how to get the best out of your in-house team and work most effectively with internal stakeholders and external service providers.

Topics covered:

  • the Rationale and Cost-benefits of effective LPM;
  • identify and implement the essential steps in the LPM framework: scope & strategy, resources, budget, monitor, lessons learned;
  • utilise Technology and tools to implement effective LPM principles;
  • engage stakeholders to work within the LPM framework; and
  • recognise opportunities to leverage lessons learned.

Feedback from Canberra:

  • Useful practical ideas and tools.
  • Useful framework for effective legal project management.
  • Good solid content.
  • Practical – met my objectives.
  • Case studies were really good and effective.
  • Materials were great.
  • Great session!