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Whether we are assisting with legal project management, helping you to find the right lawyer or paralegal for your team or providing legal management consulting advice, our objective is simple: to ensure you obtain value for money.


Our senior management team have extensive experience of running large-scale litigation and major transactions for both corporate and government clients. Unlike generalist management consultants, we work only in the legal sector. Our unique set of management tools takes into account the legal principles that drive litigation and transactional work.

+ For government agencies

We assist you to better understand your legal needs, and to procure and manage legal services more effectively and efficiently. We can also help you to gain better value from your legal spend by applying the informed purchaser model.

+ For law firms

Our flexible legal resources and expertise in legal project management ensure that you have the tools to run litigation or transactions efficiently and cost-effectively, thus achieving optimal outcomes for your clients.

+ What we do

Allygroup has a proven track record of helping some of Australia's leading businesses and government agencies achieve better value from their legal spend.

Our three main service offerings are:

1. Assisting with legal project management (LPM) advice and training.

2. Helping businesses, government agencies and law firms find the right lawyer or paralegal, whether they need someone full-time, part-time or on a flexible basis.

3. Providing legal management consulting advice, which includes:

  • Improving the way in which in-house teams and external legal service providers interact
  • Improving the efficiency of the in-house legal team
  • Controlling legal spend by using the informed purchaser model
  • Designing and embedding legal services panels
  • Utilising alternative resourcing models to reduce legal costs (including LPO)
  • Training in the informed purchaser model
  • Managing legal panels in a way that achieves better service and value

+ How we operate

At Allygroup, we offer a bespoke service.

We take the time to understand your needs, draw on our legal knowledge and work with your legal team to devise the most appropriate resourcing or legal project management solution for your situation.

Call us on +61 2 5104 3170 to arrange a free, no-obligation, one-hour consultation to learn how we can assist you.