Bronwyn Simmonds


Bronwyn is a Senior Commercial Litigator and Legal Project Manager with over 20 years of experience. She has taken an active role in a broad range of mining, banking and finance tax disputes and has expertise in providing professional services in retail, administrative and government law matters. 

Bronwyn implemented a range of innovative techniques in order to improve efficiencies and shorten major tax litigation processes as the Assistant Commissioner at the Australian Tax Office. In this role, Bronwyn pioneered new methods of managing ATO’s panel of external legal services providers, which have since been adopted as routine practice by the organisation. The most significant of Bronwyn’s initiatives include: reduced interlocutory processes, seeking fixed prices, obtaining competitive quotes for conduct of litigation or stages of litigation and improved learning and understanding of costs.

At Allygroup, Bronwyn empowers clients to deal effectively with their legal services providers and strategic legal services management. She possesses exceptional hands-on abilities in controlling costs in legal departments, and a commitment to innovation in the legal services management sphere.