Tooba Moosani


Tooba is an Associate with Allygroup who is currently completing her penultimate year in Law. She brings over extensive paralegal experience to Allygroup after working in the private legal sector. She is an intellectual and literary based personality who is also an inquisitive and critical minded legal professional. Tooba is experienced and highly trained in logical and analytical thinking, legal oral and written communication, legal research and strategy and interpersonal skills.

With a background in chemistry, economics and law, Tooba brings a theoretical knowledge and understanding of the legal system through her continuing degree in Bachelors of Law (LLB) at University of Technology Sydney. Her degree at UTS furthered her natural ability to articulate and absorb large quantities of information and distil it into legal essays and case notes which is crucial to the creation and amendment of Allygroup’s proposals and whitepapers. Tooba’s ability to think of reasonable solutions when problems and unique situations arise is necessary to Allygroup’s Consulting and Resourcing departments.

Tooba’s legal background also allows her to think logically and make strong judgments and assumptions in order to interpret information based on the matter that has been presented. Her strong reading and writing comprehension skills allow her to easily understand the complex information encountered in legal research and then create legal documents. Her excellent interpersonal skills also allow her to develop trusting relationships with our Allygroup team as well as our high profile clients and contractors.

Tooba assists the consulting department with writing and updating their processes, contractual and proposal development, deciphering legislation and extensive paralegal work. She also assists the Legal Resourcing department with our knowledge management systems, whitepapers, maintaining our social media presence, candidate profiling and weekly communication with our contractors.