Clare Sampson

Recruitment Consultant

Clare is the Recruitment Consultant at Allygroup. She brings over 5 years of Private Practice and Recruitment experience to Allygroup, has an artistic and scientific personality. She is a detail oriented and entrepreneurial  professional who is well experienced and trained in interpersonal and communication skills, sales and negotiation, multitasking, meeting deadlines and managing client databases.

She has a legal background through her Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice which she completed at Griffith University. Through her degree she has developed the ability to gather data and statistics which allows her to efficiently interact with different types of people making her the ideal recruitment consultant. Clare’s ability to observe and analyse bigger picture whilst also studying minor details enriches Allygroup’s Client Care System as she finds personality suited, fulfilling career paths for all contractors whether they are permanent or temporary.

Clare’s background in Criminology and her Private Practice experience has also led to her being able to critically think and have an analytical mind to make sense of data she studies and create solutions from the problems presented to her quickly and effectively. She also has a strong command of the English language and the ability to communicate orally and on paper.

Clare is responsible for our secondee resourcing from conversing with them about relevant job opportunities to their Candidate Care after they have been place and everything in-between.