Amy Elleway

Executive Director - Professional Services

Amy comes to Allygroup with a rich background in strategic planning, business process improvement, and legal policy advisory services. She is a specialist in administrative law, statutory interpretation and drafting, international law, and treaty-making and implementation.

After spending eight years in various high-level legal roles at the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, Amy worked as a management and public policy and programme consultant in several departments and agencies at both federal and state government levels. Using best practice regulatory standards and decision-making with a view to achieving high-quality outcomes, Amy devised and delivered multiple frameworks and programmes to support business areas and stakeholders across a complex range of objectives and requirements.

Amy has actively grappled with a variety of legal and project mechanisms across portfolios, including Native Title claims, free trade agreements and trade organisation disputes, budget task forces, secretariat and coordination services for boards and councils, election communication strategies, contractual arrangements and service delivery, and regulatory/restructuring frameworks.

As Allygroup’s Executive Director of Professional Services from July 2019, Amy’s proven expertise in the intelligent review and strategic remaking of processes in pursuit of achieving organisational excellence will invigorate our delivery of legal services and management.